0614 Agent Khrystal Captured

25:25 video

Starring Khrystal - 

Khrystal is an undercover detective who has tracked down the hideout of the leader of a crime ring she wants to bring down. She carefully enters the creepy hideout and starts snooping around for the evidence she needs but she is quickly ambushed from behind and knocked out with a rag over her mouth and nose. When Khrystal slowly starts to come to she finds herself in a kneeling chair with her wrists already tied behind her back. She is a bit groggy as she realizes the man tying her ankles together under the chair. Khrystal tries reasoning with him but he doesn’t say a word as he continues tying her up tighter and tighter… adding several ropes around her chest and a rope around her neck. Then he binds her elbows tightly together behind her back which distresses her even further. Khrystal pleads with him to let her go but no such luck for the helplessly bound captive! He proceeds to gag her with a big red ballgag then leaves. Khrystal desperately struggles against the tight ropes, becoming increasingly panicked as she knows if she doesn’t manage to escape before he returns that an even worse fate will await her! The clock is ticking but the ropes are too tight and the knots are all out of reach. Drool uncontrollably flows from her gagged mouth and begins to soak her shirt as suffers and hopelessly struggles in the torturously tight ropes!

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission 

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