0604 Hooters Delivery Gone Wrong

12:05 video

Starring Casey Calvert & Chrissy Marie - 

A customer is waiting at home for a food delivery from Hooters. Chrissy shows up at the door with the delivery and the customer (pov) admires Chrissy’s looks as he checks his order. He notices his order is missing the blue cheese dressing. Chrissy apologizes, says home delivery is kind of a new thing for Hooters and offers to run back to the restaurant to get the blue cheese. The customer says the food will be cold by the time she makes the round trip. Chrissy promises that she will hurry…. but the customer has another idea.

Now Chrissy is bound to a chair in the kitchen the customer is holding her cell phone to her ear as she explains the situation. "Yes he says if you'll come right away with the dressing I can come back to work ... yea, he's pretty insistent ... he won't let me leave ... ok … please hurry!” The customer hangs up the phone and Chrissy tell him they're sending another girl over right away. He tells her he has a conference call he has to take and he will need her quiet so he proceeds to gag her. Chrissy protests. "Sorry, but I can't have anyone hearing that I have a Hooters Girl at my house” he says. The customer leaves the room and Chrissy struggles in her bonds but can’t manage to get loose. All she can do is wait for her coworker to arrive then hopefully he will untie her.

A short while later Hooters Girl Casey shows up at the door and sees Chrissy tied up in the distance. "Uh… what's going on?" she asks. The customer explains "just a little insurance policy to make sure you got my order right." Casey uneasily says "Ok… I brought your ranch dressing just like you wanted." The customer is obviously aggravated now…. "Ranch?! I wanted blue cheese!!!" Casey looks worried and says "I'm so sorry! I'll be right back!" But before she can leave he grabs Casey's arm and says "Not so fast. Now my wings are cold and I still don't have my blue cheese dressing!" Casey says "Look mister… this delivery thing is so new for us. We're still working out the kinks." Little does she know she is about to find out about what sort of ‘kinks’ this particular customer is in to!

Chrissy and Casey are now bound together back to back on the kitchen floor with their shoes removed. The customer tells them that he wants to teach them a lesson. They whine and protest, begging to be let go. "In a little while... I still have to finish up work" he says then tightly cleaves gag both them. As he leaves them struggling helplessly bound and gagged he says. "Consider this your tip… get the orders right the first time!" Casey and Chrissy desperately struggle to get free but to no avail. After some time the customer returns as they are nearing exhaustion from their efforts to escape. He opens the fridge and finds out he had blue cheese dressing all along. The girls can’t believe their ears…. and they especially can’t believe when he leaves again. The Hooters Girls are left hopelessly struggling yet again. Who knows how long it will be until he finally decides to let them go! 

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