0603 The Clever Captive: Radioing For Rescue

13:51 video

Chrissy Marie is working undercover on a resort suspected of being a black market hub. Chrissy is caught snooping by the leader of the black marketers, but, unbeknownst to him, Chrissy is secretly in contact with her agency, leading them to her rescue. The scene begins with Chrissy snooping around for items that can prove that the resort has contraband. She speaks into her brooch which contains a microphone allowing one way contact with the agency letting them know she’s in. We get a nice close up of her feet in her flip flops while she in kneeling and searching for the evidence. Then she stands and starts to look through some boxes on the shelves where she soon finds the evidence she was looking for. Just then the Headman comes in behind her and says “DON’T MOVE!” Chrissy freezes. The Headman tells Chrissy not to turn around and to put her hands by her sides. Chrissy slowly moves her arms, secretly turning on her brooch in the process, and puts her hands down by her side. Then he orders Chrissy to put her hands behind her back. Chrissy calmly does as he says. He proceeds to tie her wrists crossed behind her back with nylon stocking then cleave gag her with another stocking pulled tightly between her teeth. After he gags her the Headman takes Chrissy’s arm and leads her away.

The Headman brings Chrissy into a secret dungeon like room and has sit down on a chair as he binds her ankles. Then he begins to interrogate her about who she is, what she was doing there and who she is working for… but Chrissy remains defiant and refuses to give up any information. The Headman then tells Chrissy he needs to figure out what to do with her, so they’re going to sit here for a while until he thinks of something; at least he’s got something nice to look at! Chrissy stares at the Headman intensely while he brainstorms. There are close ups of Chrissy’s feet as she slowly moves them in and out of her flip flops as well as close ups of her bound, wrinkled palms while the Headman guards her. Then the Headman announces he thinks he has an idea. He kneels and begins running his finger on her feet. Chrissy keeps her feet still as the creep fondles them. He then runs his finger on her bare shoulders. Chrissy again keeps calm. He looks at her brooch, not realizing what it really is. Chrissy just looks at the idiot intensely, as the microphone has been on the whole time. The Headman then announces he’s going to call his buyers and tells Chrissy to behave herself while he’s gone. After the Headman leaves Chrissy speaks through her gag to the agency. She says she hopes the agency can understand her because he gagged her but the Headman is preparing a sale. They can use the brooch to locate her and if they hurry they can stop it. She struggles for a minute but the Headman soon returns. He informs her that his buyers are on their way and anxious to look over his stash; stolen diamonds, art, and a very pretty girl, who should be worth even more than the other items he is offering. He then tells Chrissy it’s time to get her ready for the buy. Chrissy keeps her calm, hoping the agency will come in time.

Chrissy is now kneeling barefoot in the center of the room, her feet side by side. The Headman comments that she will be the best offering for the sale. Chrissy stares at the Headman indignantly. The Headman then moves around Chrissy and admires the ‘merchandise’. He looks closely at her hands and runs his fingers on the wrinkles of her palms. Chrissy keeps her hands still as he fondles them. Then he looks closely at her feet and begins to fondle them too, running his fingers on her toes and the wrinkles of her soles. Chrissy keeps her feet still and keeps looking forward, ignoring the jerk. The Headman then moves to face Chrissy, lifts her chin up to see him, and laments that as much as he would love to have her all to himself, he must sell her. Chrissy then says through her gag “You’ll never get away with this!” The Headman proclaims he just did. However just then he notices on the security camera that his buyers are outside being arrested! He says that he’s got to get out of here and runs off to escape the agency, leaving Chrissy bound and gagged alone. Soon Chrissy’s partner rushes into the scene to rescue her. He removes her gag and unties her ankles then stands her up. He finally unties her wrists and Chrissy leads him off to the evidence that will put the ring away for good.

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