0602 Star's Secret Crush

18:16 video

Starring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine - 

Chrissy is a hot college girl trying to study for an exam when her secret crush Star breaks in, sneaks up behind her and clamps a rag over her nose and mouth to knock her out. Chrissy wakes up as Star finishes tying her to a chair. She recognizes Star from her class. Chrissy Immediately starts struggling and asks "OMG what are you doing?" Star sits on Chrissy’s lap and tells her “You better keep your mouth shut Chrissy otherwise I'm going to tape it shut!”

Chrissy tries to seduce Star by kissing her. They make out for a minute but then Star says “You’re a great kisser but I'm still taping your mouth shut!” Chrissy tries to plead with her but she slaps the first piece of duct tape over her mouth before she can get two words in. Star smiles and sensually smooths the tape over Chrissy’s lips with both hands. She kisses the tape then tears off another long piece of tape. "You know Chrissy I've been thinking about taping your mouth shut all day... You’re just so chatty all the time! Chrissy "mmmpphh's" and gag talks at her as she presses the next piece of tape over her mouth. As Star tears off the third and final piece of tape she says "Finally I got you to shut up! I get so irritated listening to you in class trying to suck up to Mrs. Johnson… I mean she is hot too isn't she? Star continues to tease Chrissy as she applies the final piece of tape. Chrissy continues to struggle and plead with her to let her go but Star isn’t done playing with her secret crush just yet. She puts the sleepy rag over Chrissy’s face and feels her breasts as she knocks her out.

When Chrissy awakens again she hears Star talking on her phone to her boyfriend. Chrissy is ungagged and tries to talk over Star to get his attention on the other line but she is cut off by a hand gag from behind. Then Star stuff a small cloth in Chrissy’s mouth and tapes it shut again, this time with white duct tape, while still chatting with her boyfriend on the phone. Once she has Chrissy gagged she grabs a vibrator and forces Chrissy to orgasm while still flirting with her boyfriend on the phone. She eventually hangs up on him so she can have Chrissy all to herself. Star then tapes her own mouth shut and proceeds to sit on Chrissy’s lap again, gag kissing her while she vibrates both of them until they climax together.

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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