0601 Chrissy Cries Wolf

14:36 video

Chrissy is an undercover cop who is talking to her partner on the phone, occasionally uncrossing and crossing her legs. She tells her partner about how that robber who kept her tied up and gagged for days was finally caught and is in jail but now there have been reports of two guys in the area robbing women and tying them up with purple stockings! She really wants to catch these guys to get her revenge and mentions there is a new detective helping her on the case and that he's really cute. She’s going to call him to test his speed on backup. Chrissy uncrosses and crosses her legs again and we get a close up of her legs and heels. Then Chrissy calls the cute new detective and tells him those 2 thugs may be in the area so be on alert. The last guy tied and gagged her with purple stockings, dragged her down to the basement of an old building and kept her there for days. After hanging up she wait a little while then decides to call him back and test him. “Those 2 thugs are here! Come quick!” then hangs up. Chrissy smiles and sexily crosses her legs over the chair. After 30 seconds she calls back to say she was just joking and flirting with him. However she isn’t done having her fun. She ends up tricking him another time before telling him it was a just a test and it won’t happen again. Little does she know she just cried wolf one too many times. Now when she really needs help he might not believe her!

While Chrissy is out of the room 2 masked thugs enter looking for valuables. Then they hear Chrissy coming and hide. Chrissy walks in to get her phone but before she knows it the thugs rush in and one of them grabs her around the body with her arms pinned at her sides. The other thug continues to look for valuables as Chrissy struggles to get free. Soon the the thug restraining Chrissy tells the his partner in crime to come help him as Chrissy is still violently struggling to escape his grip. The other thug rushes over and realizes “Wait I know her, she's a cop!” The one thug has her arms pinned behind her now as she kicks the other thug in the leg. “Take that!” she says. After he grabs his leg in pain he angrily says “Give me those feet!” He puts his arms behind her knees and scoops up her legs in his arms. Chrissy begins to buck, kick and struggle as hard as she can. This goes on for a couple minutes but the thugs are too strong for her to break free. She starts to grow weaker but won’t give up. Then one of the thugs says “Let's tie her up!” They put her on the couch and tie her with purple stockings as she kicks and struggles. Then they leave the room to finish robbing the house.

Chrissy struggles and eventually gets to the phone to call the detective. “The thugs are really here! It's not a joke this time, please believe me!” Just then the thugs walk into room and take the phone. “You need to be quiet” one of them says. “Gag her!” says the other one. She is then tightly cleave gagged with a purple stocking tying the knot off high on her head. They leave again and after a minute Chrissy manages to get loose. Just as she finishes untying herself but before she can remove her gag the thugs return. “Get her!” they say and grab her again. Once again carry her kicking body like an accordion to the couch and tie her with purple stockings again. Then they make Chrissy call and tell the detective that it was a joke and no need to come over. After the call one thug says “Let's take her with us. We can get a lot of money for her!” One grabs her from behind while the other says “give me those feet!” Chrissy struggles and kicks furiously as they carry her off to her unknown fate.

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